National Champs 2017

National Championships 16-17 September 2017 by Queen Bee KLFA Roving Reporter & Crossbow Queen As I packed the camper for Wales I felt less than perky after driving over 1,200 miles during the previous week on a holiday in Cornwall with my sister, and having had to deal with estate agents in the days leading

Shoot results 23/4/17

Here are the results from the inaugural shoot at our new quarry: KLFA Open Shoot Results Р23rd April 2017 American Flatbow РGents First Name Surname Club Score Spots Mark Jones Rednex 586 5 David Lovell Avalon Archers 482 4 Adam Browning Aurora 476 4 Derek Warriner Independent 438 2 Alan Pope Independent 430 2

Next Open Shoot – April 2017

Yes, we have got a date for our next Open Shoot – the inaugural Open Shoot at our new quarry – and yes, you’re all invited! April 23rd is the Big Day and although we can’t promise a dragon to shoot¬†there will be lots of other (pretend) animals to test your skills against. We can

Shoot results 13/9/15

Results for our fifth Open Shoot – September 13th 2015 American Flatbow Gents: 1st Stephen Hall (100 Yard Club) 618, 2nd Martin Needham (Independent) 586, 3rd Volker Fauvel (Toft Hill) 482 Ladies: 1st Pam Brewis (Independent) 472, 2nd Pennie Grew (Tendring FA) 458 + 3 spots, 3rd Mandy Smith (Hanson) 458 + 2 spots Barebow

Shoot results 12/4/15

Results for our fourth Open Shoot – April 12th 2015 American Flatbow Gents: 1st Volker Fauvel (Toft Hill) 518, 2nd Clive Moss (Sweetlands) 430, 3rd Steve Gaskin (Independent) 318 Ladies: 1st Pennie Grew (Tendring FA) 446, 2nd Pam Brewis (Independent) 440, 3rd Gillian Mill (Spirit of Sherwood) 390 Barebow Gents: 1st Graham Holmes (Nemesis) 690,

Shoot results 07/9/14

Results for our third Open Shoot – September 7th 2014 American Flatbow Gents: 1st Clive Moss (Sweetlands) 466 Ladies: 1st Maddie Scarbro (Black Sheep) 466 Barebow Gents: 1st Graham Holmes (Nemesis) 688, 2nd Dave Andrews (Aquarius) 662, 3rd Stewart Beckham (Aurora) 626 Ladies: 1st Trish Jones (Excaliber) 640, 2nd Casey Burns (Black Sheep) 450, 3rd

Shoot results 27/4/14

Results for our second Open Shoot – April 27th 2014 American Flatbow Gents: 1st Dave Challis 538, 2nd Volker Fauvel 480, 3rd Marc Hudson 408 Ladies: 1st Gillian Mill 404 Barebow Gents: 1st Graham Holmes 688, 2nd Andrew Burns 616, 3rd Tim Hilliam 610 Ladies: 1st Casey Burns 526, 2nd Jackie Scowen 488, 3rd Lucy

Shoot results 08/9/13

Results for our first Open Shoot – September 8th 2013 American Flatbow Gents: 1st Mark Jones 522, 2nd Dave Challis 468, 3rd Volker Fauvel 462 Ladies: 1st Pennie Grew 434, 2nd Josie Allen 300 Barebow Gents: 1st Alan Dullage 620, 2nd Andrew Burns 566, 3rd Alan Rogers 544 Ladies: 1st Elaine Sellers 480, 2nd Casey