Club update 24.12.2020

Effective from 26th December 2020, Norfolk is under Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions. Under the legislation for this Tier, outdoor archery ranges may remain open, so you may still attend the club provided you understand and follow the current risk assessment and guidelines as set out below.

These guidelines are published in conjunction with government guidelines for Tier 4 areas published December 2020. The NFAS recommends that archery can continue only if risk assessments have been completed prior to the activity and where social distancing can be observed. 

The latest risk assessment will remain in force until further guidance is received:

All members should comply with all government guidelines, if this changes before the club website is updated then government guidelines take precedence. The government guidelines can be found here.

Please be responsible regarding travel between tiers and refer to the government guidelines if unsure. Tier 4 and Tier 3 should not travel to other tiers as a destination. Tier 2 can travel to Tier 1 but should follow Tier 2 guidelines when there. Tier rules may change again in future and government legislation takes precedence. Please remember that the maximum group number outside in Tier 4 is only 2 unless the group is comprised of members of the same household. 

Club guidelines under Tier 4 restrictions:

  • The practice range is closed until further notice.
  • Groups of archers must space themselves at least two pegs apart at all times.
  • An archer may only shoot with one other archer from a different household  provided social distancing rules are followed. 
  • Note that face coverings are advised if archers are less than 2m (1m+ minimum distance) from each other.
  • Please park so you can enter and exit your vehicle and prepare your equipment at least 2m away from other archers. 
  • Only one archer to go forward to retrieve their own arrows.
  • Supply your own hand sanitizer and use as required.

Anyone that has been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected as having, Covid-19 must not attend the club grounds.

We recommend that anyone with vulnerable people living at home should not attend the club/woods/shoots unless government guidelines or personal health permit. Do not attend club/woods/shoots if you have symptoms such as a new and persistent cough, have a temperature, or loss or change to the sense of taste and/or smell.

Due to the variety of other symptoms reported recently as possibly associated with the virus, as a precaution it is advised that you also do not attend the club/woods/shoots should you start feeling at all unwell in any other way. This is subject to change at any time.

Thank You for your compliance during this difficult time. 

Chris (on behalf of KLFA committee)