King’s Lynn Field Archers Equal Opportunities Policy

The general policy of the KLFA is of inclusion; to this end, any student under archery training or member of the Club has an equal voice in how the club is managed and maintained.

The structure for decision making is via a democratically elected committee whose actions are governed by the club constitution. The KLFA has no full-time paid staff and operates on an entirely voluntary basis.

All full club members are members of the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and are obliged to conform to their rules and guidelines in respect of equal opportunities and the protection of children and vulnerable people.

Any full club member can offer their services to the club regardless of their physical ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, creed or ethnic background, either as a volunteer or committee member.

This policy applies to all members of the KLFA including those under training and will be supervised and monitored by the elected committee.

All complaints will be addressed by the committee in either an emergency meeting or at the AGM as deemed appropriate. The Secretary will ensure all complaints are recorded and documented.

C D Bonfield, Secretary, 24th May 2012.