Shoot results 07/9/14

Results for our third Open Shoot – September 7th 2014

American Flatbow
Gents: 1st Clive Moss (Sweetlands) 466
Ladies: 1st Maddie Scarbro (Black Sheep) 466
Gents: 1st Graham Holmes (Nemesis) 688, 2nd Dave Andrews (Aquarius) 662, 3rd Stewart Beckham (Aurora) 626
Ladies: 1st Trish Jones (Excaliber) 640, 2nd Casey Burns (Black Sheep) 450, 3rd Debra Shipley (Whitefriars) 368
Junior Girls: 1st Lucy Hubbert (Black Sheep) 474, 2nd Polly Scarbro (Black Sheep) 438
Cub Boys: 1st Alfie Foster (Rose and Arrows) 424
Gents: 1st Curly Fulton (Independent) 598, 2nd John Foster (Rose and Arrows) 592
Junior Boys: 1st William Brocklebank (Black Sheep) 610
Compound Limited
Ladies: 1st Liz Holmes (Nemesis) 640
Gents: 1st Doug Shaw (Independent) 718, 2nd Mitch Hill (Aurora) 588, 3rd Peter Tricker (Tendring Field Archers) 566
Hunting Tackle
Gents: 1st Alan Rogers (Rose and Arrows) 618, 2nd Nigel Bratton (Independent) 566, 3rd Cliff Meyer (Independent) 562
Ladies: 1st Clair Parfit (Tendring Field Archers) 490, 2nd Christine Bratton (Independent) 392
Cub Boys: 1st Connor Smith (Friskney Bowmen) 378, 2nd Shaun Lake (Independent) 334
Gents: 1st Mark Allen (Tendring Field Archers) 448, 2nd Martin Heywood (Independent) 404, 3rd Chris Collins (Lincoln Longbows) 396
Ladies: 1st Janet Lloyd (Black Sheep) 360, 2nd Josie Allen (Tendring Field Archers) 332
Gents: 1st Joe Lloyd (Black Sheep) 584, 2nd Mark Corstin (Independent) 514, 3rd Pete Nettleton (Friskney Bowmen) 414
Gents: 1st Mark Hanson (Black Sheep) 798, 2nd Ed Kirk (Independent) 796, 3rd Chris Cox (Avalon) 772
Ladies: 1st Lynne Hanson (Black Sheep) 730, 2nd Sue Dickenson (Aurora) 724, 3rd Terri Boyce (Nemesis) 720

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