Shoot results 12/4/15

Results for our fourth Open Shoot – April 12th 2015

American Flatbow
Gents: 1st Volker Fauvel (Toft Hill) 518, 2nd Clive Moss (Sweetlands) 430, 3rd Steve Gaskin (Independent) 318
Ladies: 1st Pennie Grew (Tendring FA) 446, 2nd Pam Brewis (Independent) 440, 3rd Gillian Mill (Spirit of Sherwood) 390
Gents: 1st Graham Holmes (Nemesis) 690, 2nd Adie Morgan (Pines Park) 682, 3rd Andrew Burns (Black Sheep) 668
Ladies: 1st Nicky McMaster (100 Yards Club) 520, 2nd Holly Stewart (Tendring FA) 518, 3rd Shelley Malthouse (Black Sheep) 512
Junior Boys: 1st Casey West (Pines Park) 536
Junior Girls: 1st Polly Scarbro (Black Sheep) 460, 2nd Lucy Hubbert (Black Sheep) 454, 3rd Amy Gardecki (Black Sheep) 434
Cub Boys: 1st Alfie Foster (Rose and Arrows) 514
Gents: 1st Dave Sexton (Rose and Arrows) 604, 2nd Warren Buckley (Black Sheep) 596, 3rd Peter Tricker (Tendring FA) 576
Junior Boys: 1st William Brocklebank (Black Sheep) 648
Gents: 1st Stephen Wadsley (Independent) 780, 2nd Fred Flatt (Broadland) 702, 3rd Ian England (Broadland) 578
Gents: 1st Richard Green (Noak Hill) 752
Ladies: 1st Karen Howard (Noak Hill) 620, 2nd Victoria Moore (Independent) 566
Hunting Tackle
Gents: 1st Mark Corstin (Black Eagle) 582, 2nd Kelly Lake (Independent) 572, 3rd Michael Hitching (Independent) 510
Ladies: 1st Clair Parfit (Tendring FA) 468, 2nd Jan Beckham (Tendring FA) 382, 3rd Diane Paul (Independent) 328
Junior Boys: 1st Lee Dennis (Independent) 380, 2nd Shaun Lake (Independent) 334
Cub Boys: 1st Connor Smith (Friskney Bowmen) 568
Gents: 1st Mike Popplestone (Liberty) 512, 2nd Grot Davis (Independent) 506, 3rd Mark Allen (Tendring FA) 496
Ladies: 1st Tina Waller (Green Man) 394, 2nd Josie Allen (Tendring FA) 360, 3rd Anna Ley (Independent) 308
Gents: 1st Roger Grew (Tendring FA) 528
Gents: 1st Ed Kirk (Independent) 768, 2nd Mark Hanson (Black Sheep) 756, 3rd Richard Mill (Independent) 744
Ladies: 1st Lynne Hanson (Black Sheep) 766

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