Shoot results 13/9/15

Results for our fifth Open Shoot – September 13th 2015

American Flatbow
Gents: 1st Stephen Hall (100 Yard Club) 618, 2nd Martin Needham (Independent) 586, 3rd Volker Fauvel (Toft Hill) 482
Ladies: 1st Pam Brewis (Independent) 472, 2nd Pennie Grew (Tendring FA) 458 + 3 spots, 3rd Mandy Smith (Hanson) 458 + 2 spots
Gents: 1st Richard Corrigan (Black Sheep) 636, 2nd Dave West (Pines Park) 624, 3rd Andrew Burns (Black Sheep) 612
Ladies: 1st Trish Jones (Independent) 626, 2nd Shelley Malthouse (Black Sheep) 486, 3rd Jackie Scowen (Castle) 464 + 3 spots
Junior Boys: 1st Casey West (Pines Park) 460, 2nd Alfie Foster (Rose and Arrows) 352
Junior Girls: 1st Amy Gardecki (Black Sheep) 544, 2nd Lucy Hubbert (Black Sheep) 468
Gents: 1st Curly Fulton (Independent) 640, 2nd David Arnold (Rose and Arrows) 564, 3rd Victor Thomas (Independent) 562
Ladies: 1st Emily Smith (Hanson) 594
Gents: 1st Fred Flatt (Broadland) 734, 2nd Stephen Wadsley (Independent) 728
Gents: 1st Doug Shaw (Toft Hill) 666
Hunting Tackle
Gents: 1st Alan Rogers (Rose and Arrows) 592, 2nd Cliff Meyer (Toft Hill) 568, 3rd John Cottrell (Club Duvelle) 554
Ladies: 1st Tracy Le-Saux (100 Yard Club) 384, 2nd Diane Paul (Legbow) 380, 3rd Katherine Sankey (Castle) 252
Junior Boys: 1st Lee Dennis (Legbow) 404
Gents: 1st Carl Gibbard (Avalon) 500, 2nd Grot Davis (Independent) 498, 3rd Eric Page (Lincoln Longbows) 430
Ladies: 1st Karen Freeman (Longbow Heritage) 506, 2nd Elenore Cottrell (Club Duvelle) 372, 3rd Anna Ley (Independent) 272
Gents: 1st Mark Corstin (Black Eagle) 548, 2nd Bob Miles (Dragonfly) 356
Gents: 1st Ed Kirk (Independent) 784, 2nd Lee Gardecki (Black Sheep) 778, 3rd Finlay Newman (Haysmiths) 758
Ladies: 1st Lynne Hanson (Black Sheep) 752

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