Our Famous Open Shoots Are Back!

Come and join us for a challenging and fun Open Shoot on either 24th April or 14th August - or even better, come to both!! 😉 You'll get the usual friendly KLFA welcome and the chance to try your skills against our notorious challenging course, accompanied by full catering and friendly banter. TO BOOK, JUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON AND COMPLETE THE FORM. It looks like there will be no further pandemic restrictions in 2022 but when attending our shoots we would ask you to continue to exercise whatever caution you feel comfortable with, use your discretion and respect any concerns of other archers so that we can all enjoy meeting up again. Come back and check our blog nearer to the shoot dates for details of any specific recommendations for attending the club and we'll see you back at the quarry soon! 🏹😊

What is Field Archery?

Everything you need to know about one of the most enjoyable sports there is, suitable for almost everyone!

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About KLFA

Why you should join us...

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Field Archery Equipment

What you need, when you need it and what to do with it!

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King’s Lynn Field Archers (KLFA) are a group of fun-loving people who enjoy the sport of Field Archery – “Proper Archery” as we like to call it – as administered by the National Field Archery Society (NFAS).

We meet at our shoot grounds a few miles outside of King’s Lynn on most Wednesdays and Sundays. Sunday is our main shooting day when we hurl arrows at unsuspecting three-dimensional models of animals; Wednesday is ground maintenance day, with a bit of practice if time allows.

Yes, Field Archery is a competitive form of simulated hunting – it’s the simulation, the company and the banter that makes it fun! But we all have a great love and appreciation for the natural world, and part of our work is managing our shoot grounds as a natural landscape, as you will see when you visit us. And please note that the hunting of REAL animals with bow and arrow is ILLEGAL in the UK.

Our beautiful grounds are in a disused quarry that has been landscaped and returned to nature, having a variety of landscapes. There are open grassy areas dotted with shrubbery, areas of developed and developing woodland, as well as a large lake. Wildlife abound in the quarry, particularly birds, as well as many species of fungi.

Club members have ranged in age from seven to well past seventy and of all abilities. Between us we shoot several of the eleven bow-styles defined by the NFAS: American Flat Bow, Barebow, Bowhunter, Compound Limited, Crossbow, Freestyle, Hunting Tackle, Longbow, Primitive, Traditional Bowhunter and Unlimited.

The Club has a NFAS-registered Coach who will be delighted to instruct anyone in the sport, from complete novices to expert marksmen.

We frequently visit other nearby Field Archery Clubs when they hold Open Shoots and welcome others to our grounds when we hold our own Open Shoots. In 2019 we also added a Club League so we can see how we fare against each other, as well as get that all important practise in to crush all opposition when we visit other clubs…

Since being established in 2011, KLFA has enjoyed success at national competitions with two junior barebow champions, one lady crossbow champion, and the first ever cub crossbow champion! We have even had a crossbow European and World record holder in the ranks!

So if you fancy doing something a bit different on a Sunday, out in nature, with fresh air, exercise and a good laugh, come and join us!

WARNING! Some areas of the quarry are out-of-bounds due to safety issues. Please respect all pre-shoot briefings, signs and barriers.